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Buyer Timeline

Below is a very consolidated view of the home buying steps to help you when referencing different stages in the process. Call us today to set up a personal meeting with us to go in to the details of the transaction and educate you on the nuances of this process, before we even go out to look at properties! Knowledge is power, and in the case of buying a home = less stress.

Financial Assets & Resources

When determining how much you can afford, you’ll need to look at your own assets and resources. Once you have your down payment sorted out, you’ll need to figure out what amount in which you’ll be approved. The easiest way to do this is to visit a mortgage broker to get pre-approval. The mortgage broker will collect your income statements, debts and credit score info, and then will find out what borrowing amount in which you would be approved.


Do I enjoy maintenance work? How about painting, carpentry or changing cosmetics? How much maintenance am I willing to do on the house? How much lawn maintenance do I enjoy doing? Is having a large yard worth the extra work? Do I want a garden?


How much can I afford? How much do I want to afford? How often do I eat out at restaurants or go on vacation? Would I rather have a nicer home or the freedom to spend money on recreation and leisure?

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