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A real estate transaction can be complex and have many moving parts. It is the job of a buyer’s agent to represent you and help you to navigate the transaction as seamlessly as possible.

Meeting with a buyer’s agent prior to viewing homes is essential so that the agent can learn about your goals, help you get pre approved for a mortgage, if necessary, and walk you through the process of purchasing a property. It is also an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as needed to help you to feel comfortable trusting this agent to represent your best interests, and to negotiate on your behalf. Think of the initial meeting as an interview of the agent as well. You’ll want to choose someone who is excited to be earning your business, knows the current local market, is prompt and professional, and can provide testimonials from happy clients.

Many buyers think that agents will only show them properties that they have listed, or that the brokerage has listed. This is not true, and if an agent tells you that is what they want to do, go elsewhere for representation. A licensed agent can show you ANY property that is listed, and some that are not, such as For Sale By Owner. If you come across a FSBO, it is even more important to have an agent represent your interests because the property is being sold without an agent on the listing end. The buyer’s agent will be negotiating directly with the sellers, and it is best to a professional act as a liaison between the buyer and seller.

There’s plenty of preparation work when it comes to buying a home! A home purchase is a serious financial decision that has a direct impact on your quality of life. There is never a reason to buy a property without the proper representation of a buyer’s agent.

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