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Lifestyle Considerations

Home ownership comes with some changes, but it’s important to consider your lifestyle when deciding what and where to buy. A few compromises are reasonable, but you won’t be happy if you need to completely overhaul your lifestyle just to own real estate.

Here are a few lifestyle questions to ask yourself:


Are there any amenities that I use frequently and would like to be near?

Do I plan to move jobs? Is work-life stable, or is there a possibility that I’ll be working elsewhere within the next few years?


How much space and how many bedrooms do I need for my family? If there’s even a slim possibility my family size will grow, do I have enough space for that?

How many bathrooms does my family need to get ready in the morning without chaos?

Do I have enough room to entertain guests? Is a spare room or large living space important?


Do I enjoy maintenance work? How about painting, carpentry or sewing? How much maintenance am I willing to do on the house?

How much lawn maintenance do I enjoy doing? Is having a large yard worth the extra work? Do I want a garden?


How much can I afford? How much do I want to afford?

How often do I eat out at restaurants or fast food joints? Would I rather have a nicer home or the freedom to hit the town on Friday nights?

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