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When you are selling your home, the expertise of a professional is imperative. Many people think they know what it takes to sell on their own, or think they know what their house is worth. With the guidance of an agent, you can efficiently and effectively list and sell your home in a timely fashion, and for top dollar.

When clients call us and express an interest in selling, we make a practice of meeting with them first in their home. We sit and listen to their goals and time line, walk around their house and help come up with ideas on how to make the property more marketable, review comparable homes in the area to give them an idea of a price, and go over all the expenses that go into the sale of their home. We also review the transition process from the current home to the new one, if that applies. We listen to our seller’s questions and concerns, ask questions of our own, and walk away from the initial meeting with a plan that suits our needs.

In walking around the home, we point out items that a home inspector might find. Small repairs, safety hazards, and other things that might cause issues down the road. We bring them to your attention immediately so that you can address them before the house is listed.

We also look at the marketability of the home as if we were buying it. What would buyers say when they enter? What is your initial impression? Could the rooms be staged in a more desirable way? How can we present the home in a way that can appeal to most people? How is the curb appeal? How can we accentuate and market the most desirable attributes?

As a team, we will all work together to exceed your expectations on the sale of your home. Whether selling is 6 months out, or you need to list as soon as possible, we have proven that we can help you get the job done right.

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